Advanced Homeopathy

Advanced Homeopathy is the evolution of common homeopathy,
as it is adapted according to the needs of modern man and the requirements of
modern society for the most effective treatment, by strengthening the body’s
defenses. It uses synthesis schemes in which almost all homeopathic
remedies are used, bound together in such a way as to maintain their
properties, allowing the body to use what it needs on a case-by-case basis.
Advanced Homeopathy is governed by principles:

  • Advanced Homeopathy is compatible with academic medicine, eliminating rivalry between them, in order to avoid any harm to the patient and the risk to public health.
  • Advanced Homeopathy does not allow competition and opposition with any therapeutic agent, chemical or other since it can be applied in parallel.
  • Advanced Homeopathy respects the chemical prescription, but does not agree with any kind of drug abuse and multipharmacy.
  • Advanced Homeopathy accepts vaccines, but insists on their rational use and their absolutely scientific application.
  • Advanced Homeopathy works seamlessly with all medical specialties, at all levels. . Advanced Homeopathy does not show any incompatibility with any chemical or other treatment.
  • Advanced Homeopathy does not impose any change in human habits, such as not using coffee during treatment.
  • Advanced Homeopathy is drafted with the legality regarding the proper preparation of the homeopathic medicine, which is required to be done according to the rules defined by the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), the highest global certification for the production of medicines, as the European law prescribes and requires from 2004 for medicines and from 2013 for active substances.
  • And finally, Advanced Homeopathy prescribes homeopathic medicines, along with any chemical medicine the patient has been taking from the beginning. There is absolutely no interaction, synergy or side effect from the concomitant use of chemical drugs and homeopathic remedies of Advanced Homeopathy.

The therapeutic effect of Advanced Homeopathy is not based on placebo effect. Placebo is the placebo and it works through self-submission. The therapeutic effect of Advanced Homeopathy is not based on placebo effect because:

The therapeutic effect of Advanced Homeopathy exceeds 60%, while the therapeutic effect of placebo through self-submission does not exceed 25%.

Advanced Homeopathy has a significant therapeutic effect on newborns and infants who do not have the ability to self-submit, as they do not even know they are taking any medication. Finally, Advanced Homeopathy shows a significant therapeutic effect in animals, which also can not submit themselves.

Evidence of this is that European law defines homeopathic medicines as a priority treatment in organic livestock, organic beekeeping and organic fish farming.